Our Mission and Values

Hitech India Private Limited is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of highly
reliable connectors which meets the diverse needs of military, commercial and
custom applications.

We are a forward-looking company that anticipates, develops and solves customers connectors requirments based on industry feedback and our own internal innovations.

Continuous improvement is our fundamental quality culture. Hitech India Private Limited, promises quality, delivery and service.

Hitech India Private Limited, manufacturing expertise includes:
MIL-C 38999
MIL-C 83723
MIL-C 5015
MIL-C 26500
MIL-C 83513
MIL-C Backshell and MIL-C Chain and cap assembly.
Pushpull connectors
MIL-C RF Connectors.


Hitech connectors are approved and certified by DGQA & LCSO. Hitech India Private Limited is well equiped with latest machinery and test equipments. Hitech manufactures complete connectors in the factory premises and ensures the quality throughout the production process. We have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals who carry out the whole process to produce a quality product.